New Zealand ETA for Tourism and Transit | No Visa Needed

Traveling to New Zealand is not difficult anymore with a new method of getting a Visa to New Zealand. The Government of New Zealand has launched a New Zealand Travel Authority permit – known as the NZeTA. With its help, foreign nationals from various countries can bypass the requirement for a conventional New Zealand visa. 

Moreover, tourists traveling through cruise ships to the country can also take advantage of this opportunity. While other conventional visa procedures can take three to four days or more to proceed, with the help of this online service, the processing time is squeezed to as less as 15 minutes.

NZeTA Requirements

To be able to travel to New Zealand, you will need to get your NZeTA approved first. This holds true for all visa waiver countries enlisted eligible for the NZeTA. The visa applies for study, business, and tourism purposes for nationals of the enlisted waiver countries. Once your visa gets approved, you will be notified through an email.

But before applying for the visa, it is important to note some details that are described below:

Must Be From Waiver Countries Visa

As mentioned above, to get a New Zealand tourist visa through this method, you need to check whether your origin country belongs in the list of waiver countries that are eligible for the NZeTA or not.

If not, then you will have to proceed with the other conventional methods of getting the New Zealand Visa.

Civil Behavior Clearance Certificate

Any person wanting to visit New Zealand for tourism should be legally eligible for entering the territory. This means that he or she has not violated any civil law in the origin country and has proved to be a law-abiding citizen of the country.

If there is a history where the individual has been in any way excluded, deported, or removed from any other territory, he or she will be denied to have a legal reason to enter New Zealand. 

The same goes for an individual who proves to be a risk for the security, public interest, or the country's public order. This also includes gang associates, sexual assaulters, and offenders.

Validity Of The Passport

The passport of the citizen of the foreign country wanting to travel to New Zealand must be legally effective for a minimum of three months from the date of the arrival to the country.

Legal Eligibility For Visa

The visa to New Zealand through the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority permit holds eligibility for those wanting to visit the state for tourism, family visiting, friend visiting, participation in a beginner level international event such as a sports competition, and sightseeing. 

New Zealand ETA Application Process

On Arrival Requirements

If the individuals have entered the country, the next step is to provide the authority proof of identity.


The online application process costs 90 USD that includes a government fee of 8 USD and a processing fee of 60 USD. The additional 22 USD are for the International Visitor Conversation and Tourism Levy.