What is the Tourist Card for Mexico?

    There are numerous reasons why someone would want to visit the vast and diverse country of Mexico. It is filled with vivid and colorful experiences and fantastic sights to be seen—the upside, affordability. With just a few dollars, you can arrange a full trip to another country and witness its beauty, history, and culture. Mexico's marine life, cuisine, fashion, and cenotes are more excuses to visit this country this year.

    FMM Card vs. Tourist Card

    The tourist card is another name for FMM, aka Forma Migratoria Múltiple. It is also sometimes referred to as a tourist visa; however, it is not a real "visa." The migration department of Mexico, also called Instituto Nacional de Migración or INM for short, issues this document to citizens of Canada, the US, and other nationalities visiting Mexico for vacations or any other purpose. You can obtain an FMM card with a simple procedure in minutes from the Mexican immigration office placed near the border. You only need a valid passport and/or passport card to get the tourist card, and then you can visit the country freely.

    The ease of getting the FMM has increased as the process can now be conducted online via a tourist card application. However, you still need to get your card stamped at the border to make the document valid. The stamped tourist card allows you to travel via land throughout Mexico. You can travel for up to 180 days, and every individual needs his or her FMM card for traveling, including children.

    Tourist Card for Tourism

    Mexico immigration office and policies determine whether someone requires a visa or only an entry authorization like a tourist card. Depending on the person's nationality, purpose, and the time intended to stay in the country, there are different types of travel documents. These criteria determine what kind of visa or travel document they need.

    There are about 70 countries where a person can apply for a visa-free document for traveling to Mexico. It can be for short 30 days for transit or up to 180 days. 180 days is the maximum period that a person can stay with the tourist card and is most commonly used for business and tourism. Regardless of whether you have a visa or not, you need an FMM tourist card to enter Mexico. A tourist from any country that wants to travel to Mexico needs to apply for an FMM document.

    Tourist Card for Business

    If a Canadian or US investor or business person needs to stay in Mexico or even work by living there, then you need to get a Temporary Mexico Resident card. You can apply to get permission to stay for one year, and you can renew the card for 5 full years.

    All foreign will need a passport or a passport card when coming to the country. The passport cards can be used to cross Mexico's border within 13 miles. Passports are required if you are traveling by air and need to visit places more than 13 miles from the border. Tourist visa or single visit 'visa' is the same for business visitors. It is valid for 180 days with no extra fees. When you land in a Mexico airport, the bottom portion of your printed card will be torn off, and then it will become a valid visiting tourist card or FMM. You should keep this card in your passport at all times.

    You should keep the card safe because you will need to present and surrender it after leaving Mexico. Failing to keep the card safe, you will need to file a police complaint and about the missing document. Then, you will need to visit the INM office and pay a fine to get an exit visa.

    Applying Online

    To get your tourist card, you must fill out an application form before arriving at the Mexican border or airport. You can get the application form at different visa sites. Websites like natvisa.com have an easy-to-navigate user interface that makes the process simple.

    To apply, you need to provide a certain item to fulfill its requirements which are listed below:

    • Document if identity, which is a booklet passport if you are traveling via an airplane or passport card if you are traveling from the border and staying within 13 miles of the border
    • Currently, active email address to receive the FMM card
    • Details of a valid debit or credit card to determine the method of payment

    How to Complete the Mexico Tourist Card Application?

    To receive the Mexico tourist card, you need to complete the tourist card application form with your personal information. You will also feed some of your travel information and details from your passport. The form can be complete easily within a couple of minutes.

    Before hitting send, you need to double-check all the data you have entered to avoid delays and ensure smooth processing of your document. Even one or two small errors can result in hectic delays, and you will have to wait for a couple more days to receive the tourist card.

    Once done with the form, you need to confirm your payment for the Tourist card. This will cover the processing fee of the document, and only credit and debit cards are valid options. Other methods of payment are not accepted.

    Print the Card

    When your application is done being processed, the Tourist card is sent to the email address provided in the application form. This card needs to be printed and then taken to the Mexican border. Officials present at the site will check it along with your passport or passport card. A passport is required when traveling by air, and a passport card when traveling by land. If you need a visa to enter the country, you will not be permitted to enter only on a tourist card.

    Sign the Card

    The last step is to put your signature on the printed card. After this, you just have to travel to Mexico and have a great time touring or expanding your business within the country.


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