More on the Indian Tourist Visa - 2020 Online Application

Are you looking to travel to India but are confused about visa requirements? Do you wish to get a new Indian tourist visa and are worried about the documents you will need? Or maybe you need to know the validity of your Indian visa but are unable to figure it out. Well,

keep on reading to ease your way through this process.

Why Would You Need Tourist Visa To India?

People want to visit India to enjoy the magnificent architecture, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and diverse cuisine with even more different cultures. Being the hub of spirituality, meditation, and yoga with exquisite beauty, India sure is on top of a traveler's bucket list of top ten places to visit. However, the question is “how to get a tourist visa to India in an easy manner."

The answer is to apply online as India requires most travelers to possess visas before they arrive. A tourist can apply 120 days to 4 days before entry.

How To Get An Indian Visa: The Process

Now discussing the matter on hand and what you are here for, there are a few necessary and easy steps.

Validity Of Indian Tourist Visa

The validity of visas in India is another significant concern for the people. It depends solely on the days of your stay.

The following are a few examples of tourist visas, their validity period, and whether you can be granted an extension.

India Tourist Visa Documents Requirements

A couple of the standard requirements for the application of an Indian tourist visa include:

Upon arrival in India, you are bound to show a printed copy of your approved Indian visa with a minimum of two unfilled pages in the passport along with solid proof that their visa granted time for traveling to India is not over.

It is also recommended to have proof that you have enough funds to cover the expenses while you are in the country.

The India Tourist Visa only allows you to visit the land for recreational purposes, including sightseeing and meeting relatives and friends. You are not authorized to engage in any sort of work as it is not allowed, and a tourist can end up paying heavy fines.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything about applying for an Indian tourist visa, we hope you get your visa as soon as possible and enjoy your stay in the beautiful country of India. Happy traveling!